Dammit MEN!….

Posted: 19/11/2008 in General, Life
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as well as Ben and the females… I demand…. or request…. or ask nicely…. or something nicer than that… But yeah, I would like someone or everyone (preferably everyone) to post a comment on this post…. Just because I get views… not many…. but I get no feedback…. I know Ben, Max read it…. Sean reads it occasionally… Not sure if Kevin reads it (even though playing Maple with him has been rockzorz)…. Not sure if anyone else reads it but I would hope for more… Like Bethany (from Florida) and maybe Max (Art Max (from the guild)) and or Rob… or even the other Rob… from Ireland… Get them to read it Sean…. if you read this….. Kill them… I mean…. force them to read this…. by any means >.> staple their faces to the screen…. or something…
Anywho…. what day is it today? Wednesday? Right, that means Chemistry to begin with… This rawked, mostly because I knew a lot of the answers… specially about the acid and Alkali ions…. (H^+ + OH^-) (can’t find any super script stooff…) I really think Jim sucks at Chemistry… and I was glad that I wasn’t picked for one of the questions… for that means I am viewed as one of the smarter people at Chemistry….. (No offense Max (Computer Max (Not Art Max))

Then we had DT, which was quite fun… I wouldn’t call it productive…. But it included, Ned going off to get Him and I some good ol’ Yazoo, (And him getting two cans from a Bin), drinking Yazoo, THEN Ned going off again to get Him and Yasmin some Yazoo…. Then continuing to get no work done… How we get sooo much done in our DT lessons….

Then, Lunch, this included trying to hunt down an upset Oli Manning =( poor him…. Then… before that I ate my Chocolate Viennese Swirl…

Afterwards was Media… in which I continued to be the only one making my groups movie trailer… I did get some help picking some sounds… which I then couldn’t find…. like on the rest of the computer… I curse these stupid internets of the school…  They suck…. Kaboodle….

And so ends another eventful time… in which two people have read it….
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  1. amc1087 says:

    your icon pic drew me to your blog, its cute. lol.

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Someone’s a view whore. Seriously. There’s willingness to reach a wide audience, and then there’s just too much. By the way, it’s spelt Yasemin (threw me off as well) and I would have picked you in Chemistry if I’d had the chance. Muhahaha.

  3. Chris says:

    Not a view whore… Just would like more than 2 maybe 3 readers….

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